About Us

Set up in 2009, Equal Community Foundation is a non profit organisation based in Pune, India

Our mission is to ensure that every man in India has the opportunity to study and practise gender equitable behaviour in order to end violence and discrimination against women.


Over 100 million women in India continue to face violence and discrimination at the hands of men. The traditional approach to tackling this problem i.e. women’s empowerment is not delivering the desired results. A key reason is that women’s empowerment does not tackle the root cause of this violence, that is men’s attitudes and behaviour towards women.

We believe that although not all men are a part of the problem, all men need to be a part of the solution.

Our strategy

We’ll achieve our mission by inspiring a new generation of social programming that engages men to end violence and discrimination against women. This inspiration will come from advocating our three core activities:

  • We design and develop programmes that prove men can be engaged to end violence against women. Action for Equality, our foremost programme reaches 40,000 people in 20 communities. Thousands have participated, and over 850 men have completed the graduate programme; hundreds continue to participate on a weekly basis. 61% of women who live with our graduates, report a reduction in violence or discrimination.
  • We conduct research to highlight best practice in India and priority strategies for achieving scale. “What about the boys?” our most recent academic research identifies media professionals, teachers and parents as the three key stakeholders in achieving scale. It also identifies the differences between current interventions and these priorities, thereby informing practitioners, funders and policy makers of priorities.
  • We develop popular support for this approach. Man Up India is a campaign that we launched on March 8, 2013. It is informed by our research and targets parents, teachers, and media professionals to educate them in their roles and responsibilities; shows them how they can take action today; and provides them with peer support and education to build their confidence in taking action.

To know more about us you can write to us at info@ecf.org.in or visit our website www.ecf.org.in


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